QuantuMDx receives grant funding for TB diagnostic

QuantuMDx TB Diagnostic DeviceNewcastle upon Tyne, UK. QuantuMDx announced today that it received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to further develop and test its CAPTURE-XT™ pathogen concentration technology and Q-POC™ molecular diagnostic (MDx) platform for rapid low cost TB detection and drug susceptibility testing (DST) in response to World Health Organisation target product profiles.

The technology is being developed for introduction into peripheral microscopy centres, clinics and hospitals in high burden countries, finally providing a low cost MDx solution to reach the 4.3 million people with TB who are ‘missed’ by healthcare systems each year.

The project will bring together experts from QuantuMDx, the Gates Foundation’s TB Program, FIND, Yale University and St George’s University of London, to further develop and test the CAPTURE-XT™ and Q-POC™ technologies on a blinded cohort of FIND’s well-characterized sputum samples. The ultimate aim is to seamlessly integrate Q-POC™ technologies into existing microscopy centres for the rapid detection of TB and DST.

Our CAPTURE-XT™ and Q-POC™ platforms will make gold standard TB detection and DST accessible throughout low to middle income countries (LMICs) offering a tangible hope of meeting international TB eradication targets” said Inventor and Chief Scientific Officer Jonathan O’Halloran. He continued, “Sample preparation and detection of TB at low bacterial concentrations and at low cost is notoriously difficult. Our technology achieves this and looks set to shake up the TB testing market for the first time in a decade, taking high-sensitivity testing to the point of care and at a price point accessible by all.”

QuantuMDx’s CEO Elaine Warburton OBE said “We are thrilled that the Gates Foundation is funding this project. A 2015 KPMG report estimated that, without urgent action, some 75 million additional people could die of TB over the next 35 years, at a global economic cost of $16.7 trillion. This is simply unacceptable, and the costs are unsustainable. I believe our Q-POC™ technologies will truly provide that elusive solution to early TB detection leading to quick and precise treatment thus reducing disease transmission and death.”


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About QuantuMDx Group

Improving global healthcare by developing transformative technologies that will enable rapid, accurate and affordable diagnostic testing in the community.

QuantuMDx Group is a multinational technology developer headquartered in the United Kingdom, with operations and partners in the United States, Asia, Europe and Africa.

The company’s flagship product Q-POC™’s superior testing capabilities will bring the power of precision medicine to health professionals globally, enabling immediate detection of antimicrobial resistance and subsequent ‘right first time prescribing’.

QuantuMDx was co-founded by CEO Elaine Warburton OBE, inventor and CSO Jonathan O’Halloran and CFO Julian Warburton. Fellow Board members include CMO Professor Sir John Burn, COO Dr Sam Whitehouse and President of QuantuMDx USA Paul Fitzpatrick. Prof Sanjeev Krishna chairs the Infectious Disease Advisory Committee.

QuantuMDx is a privately owned company with a strongly humanitarian focus.


One-third of the world’s population is infected with the TB-causing bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB is a curable and preventable disease, yet it is one of the top 10 causes of deaths worldwide, killing 1.9 million people each year.

Currently available molecular diagnostic technologies rely upon high-level infrastructure and skill-sets which limit the accessibility of these technologies, reducing their reach and subsequently their impact. With an estimated 4.3 million cases in 2015 ‘missed’ by healthcare systems, an accurate and rapid point-of-care test that is deployable in the community and lower levels of the healthcare system could have an incredible impact.