Legal Case Registration

A legal test should be used for legal reasons such as changing a name on a birth certificate or as evidence in court.

Legal tests can be used to determine the biological relationship between a child and possible father, child and possible mother, or siblings. The samples must be taken and verified by an approved sampler and a strict chain of custody followed.

If you would like further advice on the type of test you may need please call our friendly Client Liaison team free* on 0870 803 0999.

How much does it cost?

Legal TestingCost Including VAT
Paternity / Maternity Test (for up to 3 people)£345
Price is below Legal Aid Guidelines
Sibling Test (for up to 3 people)£345
– For every extra sample required
Each additional sample includes the cost of an additional report.
– For each additional Report
Each test includes the cost of one report.
Paternity Test (3 people including 1 pathological sample)starting from £395
– If clinic appointments are required£30
for each sample

How To Book Your Legal Test

Please download and complete the Registration Form below to book your Legaltest.

The Registration Form is available as either an Acrobat PDF or a Microsoft Word document. Choose whichever is your preference and click the link to download the form.



You can complete the Registration Form by opening the file on a computer and typing your details in the designated fields. Or, if you prefer, you can print the form out and complete it by hand (if so please use a black pen and write in capitals).

You can upload the completed document to us by returning to this web page, clicking the button below and attaching your Registration Form.


Upload Registration

If you prefer you can send the completed Registration Form by post to:

Client Liaison Team
NorthGene Ltd
International Centre for Life
Newcastle upon Tyne


*Calls to 0870 numbers are usually free from landlines. If the cost of the call worries you please send us an email and we will call you back.