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A Paternity / Maternity Test  for up to 3 individuals with one report

This test is for those requiring to establish the paternity or maternity of a child for their own peace of mind and not to be used for any legal reason. The three people to be included will be the mother, potential father and child. It is not essential to test the mother but in most circumstances we must have the mothers consent. If you require more than one report, e.g. more than one child to be tested please use the second link or call our team on 0870 803 0999.

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A Paternity / Maternity Test for more than 3 individuals or a Twin DNA Zygosity test?

If the test involves more than the mother, one potential father and one child then please order this test as we require a few more details from you. Again this test is for your own peace of mind and not to be used for any legal reason. Also if you wish to establish siblingship – whether two people share the same parents, or to establish if twins are identical then please also use this form.

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If you need further confidential guidance on what type of test you may require please call our friendly Client Liaison team who will be happy to talk you through the options.