Forensic Testing

Forensic Testing on a Range of Sample Types

NorthGene are able to extract and produce DNA profiles from a broad range of sample types. Our specialist forensic testing services can be tailored on a case by case basis considering the constraints and requirements of each case.

NorthGene is a company with over 15 years’ experience of DNA analysis and interpretation. Our scientific team has expertise in the field of Forensic Biology and has extensive experience working with a range of sample types within our ISO17025 accredited laboratories. As a result, we are an establishment constantly conducting innovative research in the field of both genetics and forensic science.

We are able to extract and create DNA Profiles from:

  • Buccal Cells (i.e. mouth swab)
  • Teeth
  • Bone
  • Hair root
  • Post-Mortem Tissue
  • Other samples upon request.

Our staff may be able to consult as expert witnesses when required.


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