Maternity Testing

What Relationship does Maternity Testing Prove?

Maternity testing allows you to determine whether or not a woman is the biological mother of the child or children in question by comparing the DNA of the possible mother and the child(ren).

Who needs to be tested?

  • Possible mother
  • Child

How Reliable are the Results?

The results will either show:

  • The woman tested IS NOT to be the biological mother of the child, OR
  • The woman tested IS more than 99.99% certain to be the biological mother of the child*
* Please note that relationship testing can never say that a women is 100% the biological mother of a child because of the amount of genes that are shared within the population.

If a close female relative to the woman tested (i.e. her mother, sister or daughter) is a possible mother of the child then she must also be tested in order to eliminate her from maternity.


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Other Relationship Testing

If you would like to discuss the possibility of performing other relationship tests please contact our Client Liaison Team on 0870 803 0999.