Peace Of Mind

What Test?

What Kind of Test do I Need?

A Peace of Mind test is exactly what it says. This type of test is suitable for those who want a relationship test, most commonly paternity, just for their own Peace of Mind. The important thing to think about is whether you may need the test result for any legal reason such as changing the name on a birth certificate. If this is the case, then you will need to request a Legal test.

Both Peace of Mind and Legal tests are performed in the same way scientifically and consent is required for both. However with a Legal test consent must be verified by an independent sampler to ensure a strict chain of custody is maintained.

NorthGene also offer Peace of Mind testing for Siblingship which can determine whether two individuals share one or both parents or for Zygosity testing which can determine if twins are identical or not. Please note for Siblingship tests, where parental samples are not available, there is approximately a 60% chance of obtaining a conclusive result.

If you need further guidance on what type of test you may require please call our Client Liaison team on 0870 803 0999 who will be happy to talk you through the options.


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How Long does the Test Take?

For standard paternity or maternity testing, once all samples have been received by our laboratory, analysis usually takes approximately 3-5 working days to complete. If you require a faster turnaround time, please speak to one our team for prices of 24 and 48 hour turnaround.

Type of TestApproximate
Processing Time
Paternity/Maternity tests3-5 working days
Siblingship tests3-5 working days
Zygosity testing3-5 working days
Testing for Immigration Cases3-5 working days
Post Mortem Testing5-10 working days
Peace of Mind3-5 working days


Please note: These report times are estimates. Occasionally it may be necessary to run a part of the scientific process again, in such cases clients may need to wait a little longer to receive their reports.

During the process you can call our Client Liaison Officers on 0870 803 0999 to find out how your case is progressing. Our team always makes every effort to ensure that results are sent out to clients as soon as is possible.


How are the Samples Taken?

DNA samples are taken by rubbing a sterile cotton bud (mouth swab) on the inside of the mouth in order to collect cheek cells. This is a quick and painless procedure.

In legal cases, when giving a DNA sample each person being tested will need to provide two passport-sized photographs and photographic ID such as a passport or driving license, if available. Please note that samples will not be taken if photographs are not provided.

You will also be asked to sign a consent form stating that you are happy for DNA analysis to take place. In the case of children under the age of 16 their legal guardian will be asked to sign a consent form on their behalf.

In Peace of Mind cases, photographic identification is not required and samples are taken by yourselves. We therefore recommend that clients witness each others samples being taken.  If you prefer to have your samples taken in our clinic then an additional charge of £10 per sample will be added to your invoice.


How Much does the Test Cost?

Peace of Mind TestingCost Including VAT
Paternity / Maternity Test (for up to 3 people*)
This test will establish the biological relationship between a possible father and child or a possible mother and child.
*Please note that if more than one report is required e.g. two potential fathers an extra charge of £30 for each additional report will be incurred.
Full Sibling Test*
*Please note that when parental samples are not available there is a 60-65% chance of obtaining a conclusive result.
Twin DNA Test (Zygosity)
This test will establish if twins are identical or non-identical.
For every extra sample required£50

Payment Terms

For Peace of Mind cases full payment must be received along with your completed Registration Form before any samples will be taken.

Methods of Payment

  • Bank Transfer (BACS)
  • Cheque made payable to NorthGene Ltd
  • Legal Aid (solicitors only)
  • UK Credit / Debit card
  • Cash (if having samples taken at our own clinic)

Cancellation Charges

In the event that you wish to cancel a case after you have returned your payment and Registration Form, then a cancellation charge + VAT will be levied. The amount of this charge will depend upon the level of work that we have completed up to and including the date of such cancellation. Cancellation charges range from £50 to the full price of the test.


A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Register with NorthGene

You can register online or by calling our Client Liaison Team on 0870 803 0999. Complete our registration form and make full payment

2. Sampling Kits Dispatched

In Peace of Mind cases you normally take your own samples. When we receive your completed form and payment we will send out the necessary sampling kit(s) to an address (or addresses) of your choice.  If preferred an appointment can be made in our clinic.  There will be an additional charge of £10 for each sample taken and this charge will be added to our invoice.

3. Sample(s) Taken

Samples are taken by mouth swab and we will provide you with full instructions on how to complete this simple procedure.

Before taking the samples, each adult must sign their consent form and sample collection card to say that they are happy for a DNA sample to be taken and a test to be performed. In the case of children under the age of 16 their mother or legal guardian must sign the consent form on their behalf. Please note that this is a legal requirement.

The sample is taken by rubbing a sterile, cotton bud on the inside of the mouth and transferring the collected cells onto the sample collection card. Each disc of the sample collection card should turn white at the point of contact with the cotton swab. The sample(s) will be returned to us in the tamper-evident bag and postage paid envelope provided.

We recommend that you witness each others samples being taken.

4. Test Undertaken

Once all samples have been received our lab at the International Centre for Life in Newcastle will proceed with DNA testing. Processing time depends upon the type of test being undertaken. In all cases we aim to issue the report to you as soon as possible.