The Team

Management Team

Our Management Team

Elaine Warburton OBEElaine Warburton OBE

Chief Executive Officer

Elaine is a seasoned Board Director and entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in biotech, life sciences and managing hospitals. A chartered accountant, geneticist and nurse by training she co-founded and currently heads up QuantuMDx Group. Elaine is an authority in introducing innovative technologies into mainstream medicine.

Prof Sir John BurnProf Sir John Burn

Chief Medical Officer

Sir John founded NorthGene in 1994. He is a Non-Executive Director of NHS England, Professor of Clinical Genetics at Newcastle University and honorary consultant at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust. His advisory posts include Genetics lead, NIHR, Scientific advisor for Genome England and is a former President of the European Society of Human Genetics and Chair of British Society for Genetic Medicine.

Julian WarburtonJulian Warburton

Chief Finance Officer

Julian has over 25 years’ experience in Corporate Finance, Banking and Treasury Risk Management for FTSE 100 companies ranging from international banks, fund management, beverages, industrial, pharmaceutical, insurance, product testing and certification.

Sam WhitehouseSam Whitehouse

Chief Operating Officer

Sam is a chemist and molecular biologist by training and has over 10 years’ biotech and medical devices experience including industrial research, managing a large portfolio of academic-industry biotech collaborations and managing UK government grant portfolios.

Marie WhitehouseMarie Whitehouse

Managing Director

Marie is business and finance trained with a background in teaching and banking. She is also Business Manager for QuantuMDx Group but runs NorthGene on a day-to-day basis. Marie has overseen and managed NorthGene’s expansion and ISO accreditation.


Lab Team

Our Lab Team

NorthGene Lab Team

Meet our highly trained and professional Laboratory Team. They possess a wide ranging skill set, with backgrounds in genetics, forensic biology, histopathology, clinical science and quality control.

Their collective experience and knowledge allows them to work with a variety of sample types and deliver accurate and timely results for even the most difficult cases. The laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 standards.

As they work closely with our Client Liaison Team, any scientific queries can be quickly and confidently answered, and the Lab Team fully understand any complexities of the cases they are working on.

If you would like more information about our testing capabilities, or have a challenging case for us, please call our Client Liaison Team on 0870 803 0999.

Client Liaison Team

Our Client Liaison Team

NorthGene's Customer Liaison Team 2016

Meet our friendly and professional Client Liaison Team – Lea, Abbie and Ryan. With over 20 years experience in identity testing, they offer support and practical guidance to individuals and families, family law solicitors, social workers and Embassies.

Our team have experience in a wide range of cases. They understand that undergoing identity testing can be a difficult time for you and your family, and will always act in your best interest.

Our Client Liaison Team manage your case from beginning to end. As they work alongside our Lab Team in a shared office and speak directly with all parties involved, they are best placed to quickly, confidently and confidentially answer any questions you may have.

If you would like more information on the services we offer, please give us a call on 0870 803 0999.