What We Do

NorthGene specialises in human identification services including DNA paternity and relationship testing for peace of mind, legal, immigration and forensic cases. We also provide a Drug and Alcohol testing service and a Cell Line Authentication and Sample Mix-up service.

NorthGene – DNA Testing You Can Be Sure Of

Sir John Burn fornder of NorthGeneNorthGene was founded in 1994 by Professor Sir John Burn, Chief Medical Officer, whose vision was to bring genetics into everyday life.

Newcastle introduced paternity testing for the Courts in 1970. Sir John became fully responsible for the service in the mid 1990’s. In 2000 he was a founder member of the Human Genetics Commission and led a subgroup on paternity testing which gave rise to the Code of Conduct and the recognition of service by the Lord Chancellor’s office.  This legislated that all legal and immigration tests must be conducted by a Ministry of Justice accredited laboratory, such as NorthGene and in accordance with strict chain of custody requirements.

NorthGene also offers peace of mind testing. Although the results from this type of test are completely accurate they cannot be used for any legal purpose. It is, therefore, important to think about the type of test you require as, should you need the result for any legal reason in the future such as a change to a child’s birth certificate, the testing process will have to be done again as a legal case.  If you are unsure which type of test you require please contact our Client Liaison Officers.

NorthGene is one of the UK’s leading relationship testing companies and invests all surplus income into advancing medical research.

At NorthGene we pride ourselves on offering a friendly, efficient and fully confidential service and we are dedicated to supporting our clients through what we understand can be a very difficult and emotional process.