Who Use Our Services?

Our Clients

A Wide Variety of Clients use our DNA Testing Services

Individuals, the legal profession, health authorities and commercial companies worldwide all use our DNA testing services.

We can help anyone who would like a DNA relationship test – whether they need it for legal, court ordered or immigration purposes or simply for their own peace of mind.

We work for a wide variety of clients from families and individuals to legal professionals and social workers acting on their behalf.

We also perform work on pathology samples for coroners wanting to establish a relationship for the purposes of body identification.

We work in partnership with the health profession and are frequently contacted by healthcare professionals for our advice, expertise and discretion regarding difficult cases.


Families and Private Individuals

For whatever reason the paternity of a child or children maybe in doubt. When you and your family need to find out the truth, NorthGene can help by performing a paternity test for you.

Legal Testing

NorthGene provide tests for families and individuals, which can be used for legal purposes. In order to take a test you must first register on the NorthGene website or call our Client Liaison Team on 0870 803 0999 to request a registration form. Once we have obtained all your details and we have received the first payment you will be given a unique case reference number.  We will dispatch a testing kit to your chosen DNA sampler. This may be your own GP, your practice nurse or a doctor in your area. Alternatively, you may wish to have your samples taken at our clinic in the International Centre for Life in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Peace of Mind Testing

In peace of mind cases where the results do not need submission to a UK Court of Law, or used for any other legal reason, samples are usually taken by the clients themselves.  We will send out a kit to you and would advise that the sampling is done in front of each test participant to ensure the correct people are giving a sample.   If preferred we can take the samples for you in our clinic.  There will be an additional charge if this option is chosen.  We require a mouth swab from the mother, child and possible father.  All DNA analysis is undertaken by our lab at the International centre for Life in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Throughout the testing process you can check the progress of your case by speaking to one of our Client Liaison Officers. Once the test is complete and full payment has been made the test report will be dispatched to you.

Health Service

The Health Service

Our team at NorthGene appreciates the invaluable assistance of healthcare professionals throughout the UK. We invest all surplus income into advancing medical research.

Your patient will contact you to arrange an appointment for DNA sampling. Once our Client Liaison Officers have been made aware of these arrangements, we will send you the necessary sampling kit along with detailed instructions. Please inform your patient of any sampling fee before an appointment is arranged. It is the responsibility of the patient to pay this fee.

We use mouth swabs to collect cheek cells for DNA analysis. This is a quick, easy and painless procedure. Please note that each patient must bring two recent, full-faced, passport-type photographs (three photos are required for Immigration cases) along with some form of photographic id (if available) with them for identification purposes. If these photographs are not provided then please do not take the DNA sample as, in accordance with government guidelines, we are unable to process samples without photographic identification. If photographs are not supplied then a further sampling appointment should be arranged.

The sampling kit includes:

  • A sample declaration form for each individual
  • 2 sterile ‘cotton bud’ mouth swabs labelled with the person’s name, date of birth and case reference number.
  • A pre-labelled tamper-evident plastic bag
  • A NorthGene addressed, postage paid return envelope

The Sample Declaration Form

This must be signed by the patient and witnessed by you, the sampler, to confirm that the patient in question consents to giving a DNA sample for analysis. Each patient who provides a DNA sample must give you two or three recent, full-faced, passport-sized photographs plus some form of photographic id, such as passport or driving license (if available) by way of identification. These photographs must be signed on the back by you, the sampler, to say that this is a true likeness of the patient in question. Please attach these photographs to the sample declaration form.

Labelled Sterile ‘Cotton Bud’ Mouth Swabs

Each swab is firmly rubbed around the inside of the patient’s mouth.  Full sampling instructions are included in the kit.

The Tamper-Evident Bag

Please place the mouth swabs into the client’s labelled Tamper Evident bag and ensure it is sealed.

The NorthGene Addressed Return Envelope

Please place the sealed tamper-evident bag(s) containing the DNA samples and the completed sample declarations form(s) into this pre-paid addressed envelope and post back to NorthGene.

Register as a DNA Sampler

Please join our list of registered DNA samplers by contacting us on info@northgene.co.uk

Legal Service

The Legal Service

NorthGene works closely with the legal profession to prove relationships through DNA testing. We provide fast accurate tests for individuals, family and immigration cases.

Arranging a DNA Test

For your convenience we have introduced an online registration facility. Alternatively you can contact our Client Liaison Officers on 0870 803 0999.

Payment can be made online by credit or debit card or you can request to pay against an invoice.  For cases which are funded by Legal Aid please return a copy of the relevant Legal Aid certificate.

All of our Legal and Immigration testing is performed by NorthGene’s own Newcastle based laboratory. The laboratory is accredited by the Ministry of Justice as a body that may carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969. NorthGene are also UKAS accredited to the international quality and testing standard of BS EN ISO 17025. All tests are conducted in accordance with strict chain of custody requirements. Furthermore NorthGene abides by the Department of Health’s published Voluntary Code of Practice and Guidance on Genetic Paternity Testing Services.

Please note: We must be informed if this is a Section 20 Court ordered case as these have to be handled differently in accordance with the Ministry of Justice. 

Social Workers

For over twenty years we have offered a professional, confidential and accurate DNA testing service and have been the company of choice for many social services departments across the UK.

Arranging a DNA Test

For your convenience we have introduced an online registration facility. Alternatively you can contact our Client Liaison Officers on 0870 803 0999.

You will be invoiced on registration.

Please note: We must be informed if this is a Section 20 court ordered case as these have to be handled differently in accordance with the Ministry of Justice.

Private Companies

Private Companies

NorthGene offers Drug and Alcohol testing for employers requiring a detailed picture of drug and alcohol use over a period of time. 

We are dedicated to helping private companies ensure safety in the workplace. Testing is undertaken by analysing a hair sample for traces of drugs and/or alcohol. As hair grows at approximately 1cm per month we can establish levels of use over different time periods. We can test for a panel of 9 drugs commonly requested by the legal profession. We provide one-off testing services as well as multiple or regular staff testing. To discuss your needs or arrange a meeting with one of our Team please contact us at info@northgene.co.uk or call on 0870 803 0999.