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This DNA Paternity Test is purely to confirm the father of a child for your own peace of mind. The results of this test cannot be used for legal or immigration purposes. For more information and pricing details about the legal or immigration DNA Paternity Tests we offer click here.

When you book this Peace of Mind Paternity Test a DNA Testing Kit will be shipped in plain packaging to your address. If you are outside of the UK shipping charges may apply, these will be calculated at Checkout.

Who needs to take a test?

In a standard peace of mind paternity test, there is usually a sample provided by the mother, potential father and child.

If more people are involved, for example an additional child or potential fathers, they will also need to provide a DNA sample.

Please tell us the total number of people taking part in the test by selecting the appropriate drop-down box at the bottom of this page when submitting your booking.

Does the mother have to be tested?

Ideally yes, but it is possible to do a paternity test without a sample of the mothers DNA.

However, if there are two or more potential fathers, and they are related, we will require additional information. Please see the “Is this the right test for me section” at the foot of the booking form.

Also, if the potential father is not listed on the birth certificate, we will need the mothers written consent before proceeding.

If the mother is not providing a DNA sample, please tick the No box if asked as you submit the booking form.

How is the test taken?

DNA samples are taken by simply rubbing a test swab a few times on the inside of the cheek. This process collects a small sample of cells which is all we need to extract the DNA and run the Paternity Test.

A sterilised test swab for each of the people involved in the test is included in the DNA Testing Kit.

Where do we go to take the test?

You don’t need to go anywhere, you can collect the DNA samples required for the test in the privacy of your own home.

How many DNA Testing Kits do I need?

One DNA Testing Kit includes everything you need for everyone providing a DNA sample at the same address. You would only need an additional DNA Testing Kit if one or more of the people providing a DNA sample live at a different address.

What if we don't live in the same household?

If one or more of the people providing a DNA sample live at another address in the UK or in a different country we can send a DNA Testing Kit to their address as well.

If this applies to you choose the appropriate selection from the ‘Delivery instructions’ below and let us know how many people are at the second address in the ‘Test Individuals at this Address’ dropdown so we can send the appropriate number of test swabs.

If you have more than two additional shipping destinations please contact our friendly customer liaison team to arrange this.

If you would like a hard copy of the final report or there are other variations to your test please tick or select in the relevant boxes below.

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Important Notes:

•  If the potential fathers are related, this must be stated on the consent form to ensure an accurate result.

•  Our DNA Test Kits are sent within the UK using Royal mail if you would prefer us to send your kit using a tracked courier please call our friendly Customer Liaison Team on 0191 233 1414.