DNA Art is a Creative Interpretation of Your DNA Profile

DNA Art is a creative interpretation of your DNA profile, producing a unique and personalised design which can be applied to a number of mediums such as prints, clothing and stationery.

How is NorthGene involved with DNA Art?
NorthGene act as the DNA testing laboratory for DNA designers and artists. NorthGene process your samples and pass on, with your permission, your genetic information to the designers to artistically interpret.
What do the Artists/Designers do?
This varies dependent upon the different companies offering the art. Some designers will take the genetic information use an algorithm which will convert it into a pattern. Artists may create a drawing, sculpture or painting from examining a DNA profile and creatively interpreting it.
Who needs to be tested?
Testing is typically done on an individual basis, but some companies may produce larger pieces of art composed of various DNA profiles.
Where can I order the testing?
NorthGene currently work with Dot One Ltd, please click on their logo below to link to their site directly for further information.
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