Fast, accurate and confidential DNA Grandparentage Testing

What do you need this DNA Grandparentage Test for?

There are a number of reasons you may want to book a DNA Grandparentage Test.

It may be for your own peace of mind to confirm you are the grandparent of a grandchild, or it could be that the legal authorities require evidence of a biological relationship.

Please choose from the following options the description that best sums up your reasons for wanting a DNA Grandparentage Test?

Grandparentage Testing – Peace of Mind Test

Prices from £145

You need a Grandparentage Test for your own peace of mind

As the title suggests, this test is purely to confirm the grandparentage of a grandchild for your own peace of mind. The results of this test cannot be used for legal purposes.

Grandparentage Testing – Legal Test

Prices from £345

You need a Grandparentage Test for legal purposes

You may require this kind of test to present to a Court as evidence or for the purposes of wills and probate.

Grandparentage Testing – Immigration Test

Prices from £345

You need a Grandparentage Test for an immigration application

You may require this kind of test to support an immigration application or to support an appeal to the immigration authorities.

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More information about Grandparentage Testing

What relationship does Grandparentage Testing prove?

Grandparentage Testing determines whether a woman or man is the biological grandparent of the grandchild or grandchildren in question. We recommend that the mother of the child(ren) participates in these tests where possible, that way our scientists can eliminate the mother’s DNA from the child’s and compare the remaining DNA to the tested grandparent or grandparents.

Which family members should take the Grandparentage Test?

For a Grandparentage Test from NorthGene™, we need DNA samples from the child and grandparent. We recommend that the both alleged grandparents and the mother of the child participate where possible as this increases the accuracy of the test. An individual with Parental Responsibility will need to give consent for any participants under the age of 16. In most cases this is the child’s mother, or father if he is on the birth certificate. In some scenarios Parental Responsibility may have been passed to another family member or the local authority.

Are the Grandparentage Test results conclusive?

The likelihood of obtaining a conclusive result when undertaking a Grandparentage Test varies depending on which individuals are participating in the case: – 2 Grandparents, Mother and Child – 99.9% – 2 Grandparents and Child – 99.2% – Grandparent, Child and Mother – 86% – Grandparent and Child – 73% Where a test comes back inconclusive, NorthGene™ will recommend which additional individuals may be required to provide a sample to improves the chances of gaining a conclusive result. There will be additional charges associated in these instances.


Other things to consider

If a close relative* of the biological father or grandparents, may be the true biological father or grandparent then please contact NorthGene™ on 0191 233 1414 so we can further assess if we are able to take on your case.

*A close male relative is a father, brother or son.

NorthGene™ may request evidence of parental responsibility if the child’s mother does not sign on their behalf.