NorthGene™ considers itself highly privileged to have been invited to conduct the testing, which led to confirmation of paternity for The Most Reverend, the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury as disclosed within Charles Moore’s article in The Telegraph today.

The laboratory testing was overseen by renowned genetics expert and the Chief Medical Officer for NorthGene, Professor Sir John Burn. He commented “As a company NorthGene™ has over 20 years of experience in DNA testing, providing a high quality, accredited and highly discreet service to all our clients. As with all of the tests we undertake, we hope that the results of this test will give clarity and closure to those involved”.

CEO Elaine Warburton OBE added “I am proud of the way in which the NorthGene™ staff handle DNA testing with the utmost discretion and integrity, which they have exemplified with this sensitive case.”

NorthGene™ offers a wide range of familial relationship or identification tests for both an individual’s own information or for legal purposes where the results are to be used in a more formal environment.

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About NorthGene™ Ltd

NorthGene™ Ltd is a DNA testing company specialising in Human Identification & Relationship testing for both legal and non-legal purposes. The company was founded in 1994 by Professor Sir John Burn and his associates, and predominantly worked out of NHS and Newcastle University laboratories. The company was acquired by QuantuMDx Group Ltd in 2012 which funded the company’s BS EN ISO17025:2005 accreditation, granted in August 2013.

Following this accreditation NorthGene™ has continued to organically grow, undertaking more tests and increasing the client base, as well as entering subcontracting agreements with a number of market stakeholders.

NorthGene™ also provide Drug & Alcohol Testing services, for which it subcontracts the laboratory work. The company is wholly owned by parent company QuantuMDx Group Ltd, an emerging biotechnology company with the aim of producing a handheld DNA analysis device.