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This test is purely to confirm the parentage of a child for your own peace of mind. The results of this test cannot be used for legal purposes.

When you book a test the DNA Testing Kit will be sent out in plain packaging with no distinguishing logos or identification (see the product pictures for an example). If you are booking a single DNA Testing Kit to be sent to a single address we will use the address specified on the following Checkout Page. If you are outside of the UK shipping charges will apply, these will be calculated at Checkout.

If you require a second DNA Testing Kit to be sent to another address (if one of the subjects are in another UK city or a different country for instance) please choose the appropriate selection from the ‘Delivery instructions’ below.

If you would like a hard copy of the final report or require additional individuals to be tested please add those details where indicated below.


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This is where we can add any important notes relating to the Booking Form for instance a statement saying we cannot do any testing in individuals that are related as cousins. Just let me know what you want dropped in here.

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We can have multiple headings or different tabs for the accordian if required.

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