Step By Step Instructions For Taking Your DNA Sample

For your Peace of Mind test, you must take the samples yourself in the comfort of your own home. We recommend having all parties present to witness the sample collection.

If you require a legal test, you’ll need to schedule an appointment either at our laboratory in Deeside, North Wales, or with an approved sampler, typically a GP.

We can also arrange for a sample collector to come to your place of work or a solicitor’s office for added convenience.

During the appointment, a painless mouth swab will be gently rubbed on the inside of your mouth to collect cheek cell samples.

To proceed, please complete a consent form (remember to bring 2 passport-style photographs of each person being tested to the appointment). The sample, along with the consent forms, will then be sent to NorthGene™ by the sample collector.

Sampling Procedure Icon 1

Complete all sections of the Sample Consent Form then date and sign where indicated.

Sampling Procedure Icon 2

For each person being tested fill out all of the details on a Sample Collection Envelope (in block capitals).

Sampling Procedure Icon 3

To take a DNA sample, open one of the packets containing two swabs and take out a single swab.

Rub and rotate the swab firmly against the inside of the persons cheek for 20 seconds, making sure to collect the cells and not just the saliva. Repeat this process with the second swab.

Sampling Procedure Icon 5

Put both swabs in the labelled Sample Collection Envelope for the person being tested and seal securely.

Sampling Procedure Icon 6

For each person being tested, repeat steps 3 to 5 (remember we need two swab samples for each person).

Sampling Procedure Icon 7

Complete all sections of the Sample Consent Form then date and sign where indicated.