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What relationship does zygosity testing prove?

Zygosity testing can be used to determine whether multiple children, such as twins, triplets and so on are genetically identical or not.

Identical siblings are known as monozygotic. This means that they were formed from a single fertilised egg, which went on to split into separate embryos and that their DNA is exactly the same.

Non-identical siblings are known as dizygotic. This means that they are the result of separate fertilised eggs and that they share half of their genes in common like other siblings.

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More information about zygosity testing

Why would you undertake a Zygosity Test?

There are several reasons why you may seek to understand your own or your children’s zygosity status. These motives may include:

  • Personal curiosity: You may have a natural interest in knowing whether you or your kids are identical or non-identical twins.
  • Answering common questions: Being able to respond to questions like “Are you identical?” can be satisfying and informative.
  • Recognising individuality: Understanding zygosity can help emphasise the importance of treating siblings as unique individuals despite being twins.
  • Family planning: Knowing the likelihood of conceiving twins again can be essential in making informed decisions about future pregnancies.
  • Participation in research: You may wish to take part in studies related to multiple births and contribute to scientific knowledge.
Who needs to be tested?
  • Twins
  • Triplets
  • Quadruplets etc.
Are the Zygosity Test results conclusive?
The results of this test are more than 99.99% conclusive.
Can I obtain support after the test?

Yes, NorthGene™ work closely with Twins Trust who provide excellent support services to families of multiple birth children. If you wish to contact them for further information or guidance, please find their details below:

Twins Trust

Suite 7.02, One Crown Square, Church Street East, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6HR

T: 0800 138 0509